How popular is e-commerce in Mauritius?

Mauritius and its people are becoming more and more attached to the internet. In Mauritius, a number of businesses, particularly in the tourism sector, have developed websites that allow visitors to make bookings and purchases as well as provide information about their activities.

E-commerce is also growing in other sectors such as financial services, transport, and utilities. Many companies are selling their products or services through e-commerce websites which allow users to pay online through the internet or mobile banking application.

E-commerce has been in Mauritius for a few years and is growing quickly year after year. The main reasons for this growing trend are; convenience, discounts, wider choice of products, comfort and time. Another reason for the popularity of e-commerce in Mauritius is the ease it provides. People in Mauritius are now able to shop without having to go out and face the traffic on the roads.

They can order what they want from home or at work, which is more convenient than going to a physical shop. There are many advantages of e-commerce but the most important one is that it saves time and money.