What is a Price Comparison Website and how it can help consumers?

Price Comparison Website (PCW) - means the informational, non-commercial website set up and managed by the MSSL for and on behalf of the Authority to facilitate a consumer to compare the differences between the offers by the Licensees;

work by extracting data from other sources such as merchants and suppliers, providing a wide range of products and services for comparison to help you find the best deal on things instantly for free. Sometimes, price comparison websites are referred to as price aggregators or search engines.


There are many ways you can benefit from using a comparison website before you make your purchase. Some people only use price comparison websites, comparing the cheapest prices on cigarettes and alcohol. Others like to know more about the brand that they might be buying apart from the price alone.


Saving money is the main reason people visit comparison websites. Whether you're looking for a car insurance policy, flight ticket, or holiday, you can use a comparison site to view all your options and find the cheapest product that matches your specific criteria.


offer product details that enable customers to make well-informed buying decisions. The products offered for comparison by these sites include finance and insurance, travel, and e-commerce services. These sites do not sell any product or service directly.

Comparison sites offer user-friendly interfaces that make it easy to browse through lots of information.


Using a comparison website is not just a matter of convenience— it can save you time and effort. It eliminates the need for calling various companies to request quotes and fill out multiple sets of forms and provides you with comparative prices from vendors who have been screened for quality.


Comparison websites are websites that help consumers find the best deals. They do this by comparing products and services. They can also be known as price comparison websites or price comparison shopping engines. The goal of a comparison website is to provide you with information while you make the decision of which product or service is best for you.


There’s a common misconception about comparison sites that the results they show are biased. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Comparison sites rely on you, the consumer, to give them the information they need to create accurate comparisons.

Price comparison websites are an excellent way to find the best deals on products or services. They have helped many people decide which product to buy or where to spend their money. You can use price comparison websites for a wide range of things.

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